Self-Serve Dog Wash

We provide everything you need for the perfect dog wash experience.

With gentle, all natural Nature’s Specialties shampoos and conditioners… the best in the industry, you really can’t go wrong.

You’re given plenty of shampoo, lots of towels, scrubbing curry, ear wipes, wash cloth, and foaming face wash.

Our tubs are customized to pets of different size and shape. A small, high tub with a comfortable height for bathing small pets provides rubber mats to make them feel more secure. Lift tubs for larger pets open for your large dog to safely step inside, which we of course, will help you with. After your dog is safely hooked inside your tub, a simple pedal lifts it to a comfortable height for bathing and a textured floor helps to keep them from slipping. Medium pets have a stationary tub with nice high walls, also with a textured floor for security.

Our sprayers provide you with plenty of warm water to help you get your furry friend thoroughly rinsed.

Dog Wash Rates

Natural shampoo, all bathing supplies, and all the time you need to bathe your best friend $15.00 (additional options available)